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SEMCS is a Smart Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control System intended to protect people from mosquito bites and diseases they transfer. The key aim is to understand mosquitoes’ behavior and what are the main factors that attract female mosquitoes. SEMCS’unique luring system effectively eliminates mosquitoes enabling creation of mosquito free zones without using chemicals and contamination of nature. The company has already signed agreements for local manufactures in India, Italy, Pakistan and continues entering US and African markets.


Vector-borne diseases and viruses transfered by mosquitoes are major contributors to global morbidity and mortality negatively impacting population in the world. Since the problem is spreading to other territories, deadliest species are already in Europe. In countries like India, Pakistan, Singapore the burden of dengue disease is growing exponentially. The African region is home to 93% of malaria cases and 94% of malaria deaths. Using pesticides to counteract mosquitoes strengthens the vicious circle where climate change leads to increase of mosquito population.


SEMCS uses mosquitoes’ instincts against them. The enhanced luring system, size, even the color of the case attracts the female mosquitoes at maximum, and the integrated software set the algorithms for the best system's performance. SEMCS creates a great user experience since the device is designed to operate under all weather conditions. SEMCS protects from mosquitoes’ bites outdoors without usage of chemicals and interfering ecosystem and nature's balance.


SEMCS is a combination of hardware and software solution that simulates a living being and attracts female mosquitoes that get trapped inside the device. Within a couple of weeks the intended territory is cleared of mosquitoes and their reproductive cycle is interrupted. Unlike insecticides, which must be applied regularly and depend on weather conditions, SEMCS creates a long lasting effect without harming nature. The device can be controlled remotely via a mobile application and powered by solar panels.



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