Earth is our only home and provides us with everything we need. The world population, however, is increasing and more and more people use its natural resources and recreation areas without thinking about the future. Therefore, conservational and sustainable activities are the order of the day.

In this category we are looking for projects that contribute to conservational activities and sustainable actions. The projects can focus on topics like building materials, building efficiency, energy plants, reforestation, soil fertility, sustainable agriculture etc.


Fire represents energy, which offers us comfort and progress. Our oil reserves however will be depleted in a few decades, and they are having an enormous impact on the climate change right now. Therefore, we must find less harmful solutions, such as geothermal energy, hydroelectric power, solar power or related project areas, which can be submitted in this category.

We are looking for projects that involve energy production, demonstrate use of renewable energy sources, focus on energy efficiency and optimization, efficient energy distribution and transportation.


All life began in water and there is no life without it. Millions of people worldwide experience water scarcity and extreme pollution, yet there are innovative ways how to make it available for everyone.

Projects in areas such as drinking water supply, domestic water, irrigation, protection of waterways, shipping, and treatment of waste water can be submitted in this category.


Air is an element of life that always surrounds us and is vitally necessary for survival. This element symbolizes the unification of the cycles of nature.

In this category we are looking for projects that improve air quality and avoid CO2 emissions. It includes projects involving optimization of combustion processes, reduction of greenhouse gases and emissions, indoor air quality, etc.


Young people are the architects of the world tomorrow. Whatever they learn today, they can apply tomorrow and help save our environment.

Any measure that promotes environmental education, sustainable thinking and action among young people and any environmental activities implemented by youth fit into this category.