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Production of biogas and electricity from fruit pulp

Göknur Foodstuff has been active in the food industry since 1993. With a total daily processing capacity of 8,000 tons of fruits, the company manufactures pure fruit products. Fruit waste from the production facilities is used to produce biogas and electricity in a biogas digester. An average of about 2,300 KW of electrical and thermal power can be generated this way by using 183 tons of fruit pulp per day. Fertilizer is another by-product that is obtained from the biodigester.


In Turkey, most of the waste ends up on landfills, including biodegradable waste that could also be used for the production of energy. Therefore, the landfill is not always the most appropriate waste management tool since the space is often too little and greenhouse gas emissions as well as leachate problems occur. Other challenges are the mix of leachate with the soil and groundwater, odor problems, and the inability of the municipalities to properly treat the leachate.


In 2007, a sustainable and competitive raw material supply chain was implemented that can be traced from the field to the end product. Waste from 50,000 tons of fruits is sent to the biodigester where it is separated, using bacteria and other microorganisms. The facility is fully automated and monitored by an remote access system to ensure maximum energy production. Two fermenters with a diameter of 30 meter and a height of 9 meter allow large quantities of waste to be digested at the same time. This initiative helps the company to meet its energy needs while cutting down on its production costs and CO2 emissions.


Throughout the food chain production process, almost all of the generated waste until the final product is re-evaluated in some way. The proper use of resources and the reduction of waste leads to a reduction of waste disposal costs and of greenhouse gas emissions. This unique waste management strategy has enabled the company to supply cheap products and services to consumers, to create employment and also to utilize the biogas and electricity from the biodigesters. As a result, the waste sent to the landfills has been reduced and the production of renewable energy helps to lower the company’s carbon footprint.


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