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HawKar vehicle : a smart electric car for physically handicapped persons

HawKar is a sustainable electric car made for disabled people in Tunisia, being developed and improved since 2016. Reduced mobility is a serious problem as it causes many difficulties in daily life and hampers overall economic growth of a nation. In Tunisia, almost 7% of the people are disabled and therefore facing various obstacles. Therefore, HawKar vehicle was invented which is an environmentally friendly and affordable car which allows ease of movement and greater autonomy to the people with reduced mobility. The main goal of this project is to make freedom of mobility accessible to all and to allow people with reduced mobility to move freely over long distances and be included in society, at work, etc.


The infrastructure and public transport in Tunisia are not suitable for people with disabilities. Indeed, people with reduced mobility always have had difficulties getting around every day. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people with disabilities represent about 15% of the total world population. Of the 7% people who are disabled in Tunisia, around 3% have physical disabilities, aged 15 to 64 years old. Moreover, according to the 2016 annual report on the Global Disability Economy, the global disability market comprises approximately 1.27 billion people, almost 1 in 5 people worldwide. Besides, 2.3 billion people (friends and families) have an emotional attachment to the needs of people with disabilities. These two groups of people represent 53% of the world market, with estimated annual spendings of $8 trillion.


HawKar is an innovative project in the associative landscape which is mainly aimed at people with reduced mobility. An accessible, adapted and sustainable smart electric car is built for them. The vehicle is compact, ecological and economical with low maintenance costs compared to equipped vehicles that cost a lot. It is environment friendly, directly accessible with a wheelchair, more secure than electric scooters, and adaptable to different physical disabilities. Therefore, it significantly helps disabled people to sit, drive and move comfortably. It also offers greater autonomy and helps overcome the failures of infrastructure and public transport.


The HawKar vehicle can also be converted to a vehicle with seats, but it has mainly been made for wheelchair users. It’s a new compact vehicle where specific components and adaptations are tailor-made such as the ramp, an accelerator-brake combination, a docking and safety system, a driver assistance system and the special interior design, which make the vehicle comfortable and the best fit for a driver in a wheelchair. In addition to that, it is light, much lighter than a converted car and more secure than an electric scooter. It’s adapted to facilitate the entry/exit of the wheelchair, and it can be recharged directly by connecting it at home. The whole vehicle is developed according to European standards.



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