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Sustainable Schools Program

The Sustainable Schools Programme (SSP) was created to advance COSUAM de Puerto Rico, the implementing organisation’s goals of achieving a better quality of life through promoting environmental sustainability in institutions and school communities of Puerto Rico. The organisation allows the participants to use the programme resources and services at their convenience and in turn acknowledges their efforts and commitment through award and recognition ceremonies.


Puerto Rico is a densely populated tropical island that is characterised by sensitive ecosystems, numerous streams, and powerful hurricanes. The island’s ecosystem and natural environment are being affected by the effects of climate change, lack of commitment by the government and locals to protect the environment. These problems have led to the deterioration of the natural environment causing the need for interventions by communities and schools.


The Sustainable Schools Programme runs as a voluntary informal education project complementing the formal education. The SSP operates as a comprehensive, motivational and technical support network for public and private school communities that are willing to engage in environmental sustainability initiatives. The programme also assists, coordinates and implements educational activities and monitors member participation to assess their efforts and commitment towards environmental sustainability.


The SSP makes use of standard technology such as computers, the internet, and social media to deliver lessons to students. The programme does not charge schools participating fees as the educational activities are offered during regular class time adding no direct costs to the participants. The organisers circulate information about the participants’ initiatives via the media in an effort to inform and educate the general public and the participating schools about the SSP initiatives and status of the project.


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