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TECHO Ecuador

With the Project:
Construction of ecological bathrooms and water towers in San Eloy community, Manabí, Ecuador

TECHO Ecuador is a youth-led non-profit organisation fighting for a fair and poverty-free society. The organisation works with a community of 40 families living in the slums of Sun Eloy who lack access to proper sanitary facilities. Through its ecological innovations, the organisation aims at providing alternative installations for the supply and stocking of drinkable water. Their ecological bathroom helps to improve the sanitary conditions of the families through alternative sanitary installations.


San Eloy is an informal slum of 400 people in the region of Manabí, a dry and hot area close to the Pacific coast. In 2016, 100 families settled in the region without authorisation from the municipalities, after their houses were destroyed by a powerful earthquake. According to a TECHO investigation led in 2018 before the beginning of the project, almost two thirds of the families did not have a title of property and most of them were living under precarious conditions.


TECHO Ecuador started working with the San Eloy community in 2013. With the support of universities and enterprises, many projects such as tree planting or construction of individual houses have been implemented. 60 beneficiary families were selected according to urgency criteria, after an investigation conducted by TECHO which reflected a dire need of sanitary facilities for the selected families. 100 volunteers could be mobilised for the construction of the sanitation facilities of each family.


The developed bathroom is an economic and ecological solution for the improvement of bad sanitary conditions. It includes waste management by means of a biodigester, shower space, and the reuse of water. The water towers are simple solutions consisting of storage and filtration of potable water, with extraction by gravity. The alternative bathrooms have enabled the community members to enjoy decent and safe daily sanitary conditions. 30 families totalling 400 people now have safe access to water.


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