Recupera Tu Silla

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Recupera Tu Silla (Get your chair back)

In Colombia, companies dump about 10 million pieces of furniture annually. Recupera Tu Silla offers a service for companies willing to reuse old structures as raw materials for the manufacture of new furniture, with two years warranty. The reuse process allows savings of up to 75% in business expenses. Recupera Tu Silla is a solution that helps mitigate the industrial environmental impact from the production of materials like plastic or wood and above all it is an opportunity of economic growth. The people who make these restoration trades possible are young victims of the armed conflict. They are offered a job and taught the necessary skills so that they can transform their life. Moreover, part of the profits obtained are used to restore furniture to provide schools with facilities for children who do not have even a basic thing like a bench to write on, which corresponds to 45% of the educational institutions in their country.


While in Asia the market displays its huge force and by producing 7,200 chairs per minute, on the other side of the world there is a company struggling to counteract this impact. They want to represent a stop or a point of balance that transforms a negative aspect into something positive in many aspects. One of their biggest challenges has been to convince the market that it is better to repair and reuse furniture than to buy new one. In corporate culture there usually is the opinion that only new furniture is beautiful. A lot had to be invested in communication and social and environmental marketing to collaborate whit 570 companies in Colombia.


In this project, old furniture often considered as garbage is used as a raw material for the creation of new furniture. In a first step, the furniture that companies want to throw away is assessed. Then a proposal is prepared with an analysis of what can be reused for the production of new furniture and the price is compared to the price of furniture bought in a shop that offer the same characteristics like the recovered pieces. After reusing as much as possible and adding new parts or accessories, the companies willing to change their furniture get the restored pieces of furniture. This way, these companies can save up to 75% of their expenses. Apart from the costs for new pieces, the companies also save money on disposal of their old furniture and storage.


There are some innovative aspects of this business model: This organization connects large companies with local workshops, leading to a recovery of lost crafts and an industry that was increasingly being replaced by China. They function as a broker since it is difficult for these workshops to contract with large companies because they do not have the necessary guarantees or documents. A new service is offered by manufacturing new furniture with a two-year guarantee from old or deteriorated structures. It is a win-win situation for the furniture industry. Companies can save a lot of money while mitigating CO2 emissions.



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