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Vitalis, A. C.


Youth Environmental Entrepreneurship to address water-related problems in Latin America



The availability and proper use of water is a particularly important issue in Latin America. Around 37 million people have no access to clean drinking water and almost 110 million have no access to sanitation facilities. Young people have many ideas on how to improve the situation in an environmentally friendly way, but they lack the experience. Here, Vitalis A.C. from Venezuela acts and supports these young people with training courses by experts on topics such as water and soil protection. More than 300 young people have already been motivated to independently implement well-structured projects and contribute their ideas in 16 countries. More than 2,000 environmental entrepreneurs in 21 Latin American countries have been trained on the most important sustainability issues, 35,000 teachers have been trained and more than 10 million children and young people have been educated on the subject of water.