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Eco Panplas


Contaminated Plastic Packaging Recycling without using water and without waste generation



Pure drinking water is the basis for our life but also for the production of our food. In Brazil, around 1 billion plastic bottles filled with lubricating oil are thrown away every year. Unfortunately, 1 liter of oil is enough to contaminate about 2000 liters of water. To solve this problem, the company Eco Panplas from Brazil has developed a patented innovative and efficient production system which separates the oil from the plastic in an ecological way. This is done without waste and even without the use of water. As a result, with the help of partners a recycled plastic raw material is also produced, from which new oil packaging is made. This also results in a corresponding cost saving. 10 million packages of oil have already been processed in this way, keeping 17 billion liters of water clean.