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News: World Award

Showcasing energy efficiency ideas

The solution in the battle against climate change is greater energy efficiency. The ENERGY GLOBE in the category Fire promotes energy efficiency and alternative energy sources.


Competing for the award in the category Air

In the category Air, projects from Sweden, Bangladesh and Austria are contending for the ENERGY GLOBE Award


ENERGY GLOBE in Washington

Well attended ENERGY GLOBE Side Event at WIREC – Washington International Renewable Energy Conference (USA)


World ENERGY GLOBE Awards 2007

European Parliament returns ENERGY GLOBE gala to Brussels for international gala 26 May 2008


Sensation for ENERGY GLOBE 2007: Project submissions from 109 nations!

Gmunden, Austria: This year’s ENERGY GLOBE affords a sensation. As of today, the threshold of 100 nations has been surpassed. Projects from 109 nations have been submitted in the categories Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth. In this international dimension, the ENERGY GLOBE outstrips by far such global spectacles as the Oscar film awards!