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News: World Award

Unique global environmental summit of best practice solutions

Vienna, 17th March: Energy Globe has succeeded in gathering high-level experts who will on the one hand show the true environmental solution globally as well as on all 5 continents at the “global environmental summit of best practice solutions” and on the other hand present solutions in the form of best practice. Among the speakers are Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. Mohan Munasinghe, Mrs. Minister Maneka Gandhi, Prof. Radermacher, Peter Rae, Prof. Edward Ayensu and Don Baker. Moderation: Kimberly Budinsky (Miss Earth Austria)


Presentation of the Energy Globe World Awards at the World Climate Conference

It won’t be long until the UN climate conference takes place in which most of the world’s countries will participate. Main topic of the World Climate Conference in Marrakech is the climate change and the linked urgent need for a significant reduction of emissions. This year is really special since it is the first time that the presentation of the Energy Globe World Awards will be held at the World Climate Conference. In order to emphasize the importance of saving emissions, the Energy Globe World Award will be held online as an interactive event. It can be watched live from all over the world.


Energy Globe shows sustainable solutions at the World Climate Summit

In 2016, the Energy Globe World Award will be presented during the World Climate conference in Marrakech, Morocco, in cooperation with the Austrian Economic Chamber. This way, for the first time not only problems and theoretical solutions will be discussed but also sustainable best practice solutions for most of the world’s environmental problems will be presented.


Energy Globe Award 2017: Sustainable projects wanted!

The Energy Globe Award honors each year outstanding, sustainable projects in the field of environment and energy.


Tehran: Vice President Mrs. Masoumeh Ebtekar awarded the world’s best environmental projects!

In the impressive conference center of the Milad Tower rising over Tehran’s roofs the 16th Energy Globe World Awards have been handed over in an international gala. Vice President Mrs. Masoumeh Ebtekar referred in her speech to the importance of such awards for outstanding environmental projects and their implementation. This event is the starting signal for intensified efforts concerning sustainability in Iran which is underlined by an expansion program for Renewables and energy efficiency. Also Maneka Gandhi emphasized that a sustainable change in our world can’t be achieved by talks or laws but only by taking action as showed by the Energy Globe submissions.