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News: Best Practice Projects

Project presentation - "Eco-Generation"

The project „Ustanova Ekosola kot nacin zivljenja“ enables children in the school center Velnje to explore how energy saving works and serves as a prototype for Slovenia.


Project presentation - "Clean water for a healthy life"

Aga Khan Planning and Building Service delivers extensive water supply systems and hygiene training to Pakistani villages.


Project presentation - "Seeds of hope"

The seed program of Flora Marketing affords a new source of income for island inhabitants and ensures biodiversity while combating massive deforestation.


Project presentation - "Learning from and with nature"

With its food self-sufficiency program, Ciudadanía Solidaria provides healthy meals in the school in La Soledad. Simultaneously children and teachers learn how sustainable organic agriculture works.


Project presentation - "Greener autos"

Less CO2 emissions via more efficient engines was the inspiration of Epoch Energy Technology Corp. Their Hybrid Fuel System can be retrofitted to any engine and produces a hydrogen/ oxygen mix as additional fuel.