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News: Best Practice Projects

Project presentation - "House of the future"

An energy-hungry old apartment complex was renovated to meet the German passive house standard. A special solar façade made this possible for the nonprofit housing firm GIWOG.


Project presentation - "Water for everyone"

A water treatment plant converting salt water to drinking water with solar energy was implemented by the HelioTech Türk company. This economical desalination system is viable even for remote areas.


Project presentation - "Solar in the air"

The Malmö Environment Department supports public photovoltaic projects and thereby promotes CO2-free energy production.


Project presentation - "A glowing city thanks to LEDs"

Ann Arbor, Michigan, saves money and energy since converting their street lighting to LEDs to perfectly combine economy and CO2 reduction.


Project presentation - "Floating power plant"

Statoil ASA New Energy installed a prototype for a floating wind turbine. Now wind energy can be harvested on the open sea.