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2012-03-27 00:00:00 / Events

3rd European Ukrainian Energy Day

To establish a solid platform for joint EU-Ukrainian actions in order to promote sustainable development, efficient use of energy and environmentally friendly technology transfer.

EUEA – is a non-profit Association founded in Kyiv in 2009 with the goal to establish a solid platform for joint EU-Ukrainian actions to create sustainable society, support the efficient use of energy resources as well as promote the energy friendly technology transfer.

Today EUEA brings together key stakeholders within the areas of energy efficiency in buildings and district heating systems, biomass, biogas, wind energy and project financing. Among the priority issues for EUEA is also Ukraine’s fulfilment of the obligations in frames of the Energy Community Treaty. EUEA represents more than 30 market leaders within the segments, including companies like Philips, ABB, Schneider, GE Energy, DTEK, EuroCape, AlterEnergy, Viessmann, Alfa Laval, etc. 

The yearly event – European-Ukrainian Energy Day – has proved to be established platform for the business-government dialogue on promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy market in Ukraine. This year on agenda:

Energy Culture and Ukraine – tipping the balance between EE & RE.

Communal and housing infrastructure modernization: EPC and ESCO. 

As well as:

Civil Society and the Energy Sector – achieving positive change.

Electricity market and grid sustainability.

Smart grids.

B2B dialogues with market leaders:

  • wind energy;
  • biogas;
  • hydro power.

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