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2012-01-24 00:00:00 / Energy Globe Foundation

Schwarzenegger receives ENERGY GLOBE Honorary Award

Last Sunday, 22 January 2012, Arnold Schwarzenegger was honored in Güssing with the ENERGY GLOBE Honorary Award for Lifetime Achievement.

ENERGY GLOBE initiator Wolfgang Neumann presented the award in recognition of Schwarzenegger’s leadership to promote Renewable Energies. Last time this Honorary Award was presented in 2008 in Brussels to Michail Gorbachev who was guest at the ENERGY GLOBE World Award TV Gala at the European Parliament.

„I thank you for honoring me with this Award“, said Mr. Schwarzenegger shaking hands with Neumann. In his laudatory speech Neumann underlined the importance of joining forces to tackle the greatest environmental and energy challenges: „As Governor of California Mr. Schwarzenegger has impressively shown what can be achieved“.

Basically the ENERGY GLOBE Award presents and honors since 1999 annually sustainable projects from all around the world with focus on energy efficiency and renewable energies. Each year about 1000 projects from over 100 nations participate in the ENERGY GLOBE Award. The Award Presentation and winning projects are broadcast internationally as tv documentary.