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2011-08-30 00:00:00 / Energy Globe Foundation

ENERGY GLOBE Manifesto to be presented at 2012 Rio Conference

Club of Rome President: “We need more efficiency and frugality.”

Salzburg/Traunkirchen, Austria: The message of the press conference held by the ENERGY GLOBE Foundation in Salzburg on 29th August 2011, Austria, was forceful as well as positive: The world’s current energy, environmental and climate problems are solvable, however, only on a global level and through joint efforts – and as a result of more efficiency and frugality.

Each and every individual’s contributions are important. Policy makers need to create proper framework conditions; local efforts are very important, and the world must get away from the notion of endless economic growth. “All this can be achieved the minute we stop talking and start acting, and as soon as we begin to create an awareness in people from an early age on”, Wolfgang Neumann, founder of the ENERGY GLOBE Foundation, stated in the course of the press briefing together with other Foundation members as well as representatives from the Salzburg Provincial Government.

Implementation of changes in energy politics was the topic of the ENERGY GLOBE Colloquium held at the Salzburg Caverns on Sunday, 28th August 2011. International as well as local experts attended the event chaired by Club of Rome president, Ashok Khosla. The Colloquium’s results – the ENERGY GLOBE Manifesto – will be published in two weeks and also be presented at the 2012 Rio Conference, where main topics will be energy, food, new economic systems, and the raising of public awareness in order to promote a change in culture to meetthese challenges.

A preliminary summary of the discussion was presented before media representatives. Getting to the heart of the issue, Club of Rome president Khosla stated that more and more people are using more and more resources that are only of limited availability. “We must not allow that someday in the future there will be street fighting over water. Access to energy is already causing violence today.” Khosla sees the solution in a decrease in the world’s population which will happen as soon as there are “schools for girls and jobs for women in the emerging nations.” Smaller families are a sure way to create sustainability and prosperity, Khosla is convinced. “We must stop exploiting the earth. Sustainability is the magic formula needed to ensure our own survival as well as that of future generations”, Khosla says.

“Investments are important, but we must always take social and ecologic aspects into consideration. Unless we do so, we will be paying much more, and the damage will be irreversible”, says Hong Nguyen, honorary member of the ENERGY GLOBE Foundation and investment banker from Vietnam, currently residing in the United States.

First comes food, then comes biofuel, says former EU Agricultural Commissioner and honorary Foundation member, Franz Fischler, in view of a prognosticated world population of 9 billion by the year 2050.

Salzburg local politicians Sepp Eisl and Walter Blachfellner consider rapid rethinking and acting, more local initiative, innovation as the main driving force behind global changes, and a suitable legislative framework as part of the state constitution as the most important steps towards a sustainable future.

The general public needs to be made aware of these issues emotionally as well as through providing information. “What we need is professional sustainability marketing”, says Gesa Köberle, vice-president of the ENERGY GLOBE Foundation and sustainability representative for the German DEKRA, as she addressed the press.

The ENERGY GLOBE Colloquium will take place on a regular basis, pointing out feasible ways of change in energy politics. This year’s event in Salzburg, Austria, was sponsored by Wüstenrot, the Austrian Economics Ministry, the Province of Salzburg, Salzburg AG, Fronius, Energie AG, and bauMax.

In the picture from left to right: Club of Rome president Ashok Khosla; ENERGY GLOBE Foundation founder Wolfgang Neumann.

More information about the ENERGY GLBOE Colloquium and photos can be downloaded from