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2011-08-21 00:00:00 / Energy Globe Foundation

World Elite to gather at Salzburg Colloquium

Energy Globe Foundation and Club of Rome discuss turn in energy policy

Traunkirchen/Salzburg: The world’s energy demand is on the rise, and the call for a fair distribution of energy and resources while, at the same time, protecting the environment and climate is becoming increasingly more pronounced. World business, politics, and society are confronted with unprecedented challenges.

The nature of these challenges and which solutions present themselves will be discussed by the Wise Men of the Energy Globe Foundation ( under the chairmanship of President Ashok Khosla, President of the Club of Rome, on 28 August 2011 in Salzburg, Austria.

The event was initiated by Wolfgang Neumann, founder of the Energy Globe Foundation. Other high-profile participants are: Internationally renowned innovation researcher and vice president of the Indian Innovation Foundation, Anil Gupta; former EU Commissioners Benita Ferrero-Waldner and Franz Fischler; “green” investment banker Hong Nguyen, prominent captains of industry such as Klaus Fronius and Martin Essl, and many more. Results will be presented to the press in Salzburg on 29 August 2011 as the Energy Globe Manifesto.

As early as 1972, in its report Limits to Growth, the Club of Rome warned of a collapse within the next one hundred years, should the present-day trend remain unchanged: “If the current increase in world population growth, industrialization, environmental pollution, food production, and depletion of natural resources continues at its current pace, the world’s absolute limits to growth will be reached within the next one hundred years.” The report’s 1992 and 2004 updates reach a similar conclusion.

In all this, energy plays a central role. It is the driving force and ensures prosperity. However – will there be sufficient energy available to supply the world’s needs? Is there such a thing as the human right to energy? How can a fair distribution of energy be accomplished? Which energy sources play a decisive role? Which economic and political framework conditions are necessary in order to guarantee global energy supply and thus stable societies? What can and ought to be done by each and every individual? What responsibility does the industrialized world have towards emerging nations? These and many other questions will be discussed by a high-profile panel of experts throughout the Colloquium at the Salzburg Caverns. Beginning this year, the event will take place annually, including the adoption of a manifesto.

Partners and sponsors of the Energy Globe Foundation Colloquium 2011 are: Wüstenrot, Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth, Salzburg AG, Land Salzburg, Energie AG, bauMax, Auto Esthofer Team and Fronius International.

The Energy Globe Foundation is a non-profit organization focusing on the creation of a higher level of  awareness for energy efficiency and sustainability. This objective has been achieved over a number of years via the organization’s two main activities: The Energy Globe World Award for Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Online Portal ( Wolfgang Neumann, the organization’s founder, has been committed to working on energy efficiency for several decades. He is the founder of the Energiesparmesse, a trade show dedicated to renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, and has developed many campaigns in this field as well.In recognition of his many local and international achievements, Neumann is the recipient of numerous awards, most recently the EU Citizen Award and the Golden Needle Award from the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

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