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2011-03-17 00:00:00 / Energy Globe Foundation

ENERGY GLOBE points the way to a future free of nuclear power

Time to rethink global energy concepts

The world looks bewildered toward Japan, where a catastrophe of unfathomable dimensions is developing. On top of the effects of uncontrollable forces of nature and damaged reactors, the nation is on the brink of an energy collapse. The call for new, future-safe energy concepts is becoming louder. The only response to the danger of nuclear energy is to optimize one’s own energy efficiency and to use renewable energy sources.

For three decades, ENERGY GLOBE has been committed to energy efficiency and renewables and has successfully implemented internationally recognized projects, including the Energiesparmesse (Energy Saving Expo), today one of Europe’s largest energy efficiency trade fairs. The ENERGY GLOBE World Award for Sustainability annually honors extraordinary sustainability projects from around the world and showcases them on television as potential solutions. The Online-Portal for Energy Efficiency aids private citizens, companies and whole communities to easily find energy weak points, online and at no cost, and to counter these with energy-saving measures.

The driving force of all these efforts has been and remains the goal of presenting and promoting innovative ideas and technologies for utilizing renewables, raising awareness that every one of us is challenged to make a contribution, and to help everyone to find suitable solutions in his area.

Based on the recent events in Japan, ENERGY GLOBE therefore appeals to all policy makers to join forces to go this route for our environment and our children’s future. 

Now seeking new ENERGY GLOBE projects, including the new category Energy Saving Communities

ENERGY GLOBE is again seeking innovative sustainability projects that contribute to protecting the environment via energy efficiency, the use of renewables, resource conservation, etc.

This year for the first time a special award will be presented for Energy Saving Communities. All municipalities that have taken measures to make their communities energy fit are heartily invited to apply. The submission deadline is 17 June 2011.

The submission form is available for download at Read about Energy Saving Communities at