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2008-11-24 00:00:00 / National Awards

ENERGY GLOBE Premiere in Brno

Huge TV gala with star violinist Vanessa Mae and Czech government leaders

The outstanding environmental achievements of the Czech Republic will be in the limelight on Thursday, 27 November. In the realm of a grandiose gala, they will be presented to a VIP audience and distinguished by the leadership of the Czech government, including Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek and Environmental Minister Martin Bursik, along with important decision-makers from industry. Likewise Maneka Gandhi, international head of the ENERGY GLOBE jury, will travel to the award presentation in Brno directly from the election campaign in India. The guest entertainer of the evening will be the internationally famous violinist Vanessa Mae.

Nominees are already biting their nails. Indeed the Czech ENERGY GLOBE Award is a distinction that is renowned worldwide and also serves as a seal of quality for top ecological achievements. Exciting projects in the categories Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Youth and Community are in the competition: the first energy-saving department store, a balcony serving as a mini-power plant, a bus running with fuel cells, a demo facility for eco-energy on the roof of a school, an energy-autonomous municipality, etc.

Date: 27 November 2008, Brno Trade Fair, Fairgrounds, Hall F (Výstaviště 1, 647 00 Brno, GPS: 49 °11‘8.8“N, 16°35‘6.97“E), 20:00, duration ca. 90 minutes. A press conference and gala buffet with an after-show party will follow. The gala will be broadcast on 28 November at 21:00 on Czech TV CT 2.