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2014-07-14 00:00:00 / National Awards

Nominees for E.ON Energy Globe Award 2014 Czech Republic have been announced

Award Ceremony on 6th October 2014 in Prague

On 8 July 2014, at a press conference in the National Technical Library the three best projects in the categories of "Municipality", "Hobbyist", "Company" and "Youth” were presented. The overall winner can expect a low energy house as a prize.

An unusual concept and the use of modern technologies - this is the main idea behind the most renowned Czech competition for projects with focus on energy conservation and the environment. The international jury had the difficult task of selecting the best projects from each category from the considerable number of 242 registered projects. "We are pleased that the competition for the, “Eco-Oscars” in the Czech Republic is becoming more popular. The growing number of applications, but also the interest of the media and public indicate this clearly”, said Michael Fehn, CEO of E.ON Czech Holding AG, at the press conference.

The winning project in each category will receive a prize of the partners of the competition, the overall winner in addition to the shell of a low-energy house - a wooden house 108 Legopan Saint-Gobain worth 1.1 million CZK and a heat pump air-water aroTHERM of Vaillant. Prizes will be awarded in the special categories: the "most sympathetic project" is chosen by the public via Internet and SMS, the best not yet completed project in the category "idea" is selected by a commission and announced separately.

The nominated and winning projects of each category will be announced on Monday, 6th October 2014 at a ceremony at the  Prague theater Vinohrady Divadlo. The overall winner will be selected by  the participants directly at the ceremony hall. The event will be tv recorded and broadcast on October 18, 2014 in the Czech television ČT1.

The winning project will be nominated for the international Energy Globe World Award. This is the most significant environmental price in the world. The Energy Globe World Award was founded in 1999 in Austria by Wolfgang Neumann, a dedicated advocate for energy saving who has been working in this field for more than 25 years.

Last year, a total of 217 companies, municipalities, institutions and individuals who participated in the E.ON Energy Globe Award ČR, a record participation compared to the 161 countries in which the competition takes place. Last year ‘s winner was Jiří Marian from Mikulov with the project "Hotel - winery Galant, maximizing energy savings”, by using the greenhouse gases for the production of wine and the spa area of the hotel.  The"most sympathetic project" was the rebuilding of a Gothic castle into a library in the South Bohemian Soběslav.

For more information about E.ON Energy Globe Award ČR are available at

Nominated projects 2014:


(projects and activities in the field of environmental protection, energy conservation, renewable energy use in municipalities).

• Passive residence for seniors Modřice / city Modřice

• Energy services with guaranteed result in the buildings of the town of Pisek / Pisek

• Reconstruction of the heating system in the KITA Kamenný Újezd/ community Kamenný Újezd


(Any small and large projects in the field of environmental protection ¬, energy saving and use of renewable energy by individuals)

• Kiosk rolls Baguettes Sweet / David Tauber (Pilsen)

• Efficient living in the forest near the town / Hana Urbášková (Brno)

• Let's clear up the Czech Republic / Radek Janousek. (Brno)


(projects in the field of environmental protection, energy conservation, renewable energy use by a company, organization or association)

• PURGAZ 50 - New Biomethane Technology / Institute for chemical processes of the Czech Academy of Sciences, v.v.i. (Prague)

• ŠKODA Perun - battery bus / ŠKODA ELECTRIC a.s. (Pilsen)

• Power savings in the company Dream Plus s.r.o / Dream Plus s.r.o (Zlín)


(projects in the field of environmental protection, energy conservation, renewable energy use by young people or schools)

• AIR House / Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Architecture

• BLACKOUT - cycle of ideas and discussion with energy experts / South Bohemian Theatre, p.o. (České Budějovice)

• Competition "Build yourself your Stirling engine" / Prague

The competition E.ON Energy Globe Award ČR:

The E.ON Energy Globe Award Czech Republic is one of the most renowned eco-prices in the Czech Republic. The award recognizes projects that save energy, protect the nature, use renewable energy and overall contribute to environmental protection. Anyone who has anything to say in the field of energy saving can be registered with his project to the competition - whether it is a company, a private individual, NGO, community or school. In the special category idea not yet completed projects can be registered. Follow us on Twitter: # EONCzech

Partners of the competition E.ON Energy Globe Award CR 2014:

• Initiator in the Czech Republic:

Energy Company E.ON

• Patronage:

Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic

Ministry of Industry and Trade the Czech Republic

Academy of Sciences the Czech Republic

• General Partner:

Saint-Gobain Construction Products CZ a.s.

Penny Market s.r.o.

• Main partners:

Vaillant Group Czech s.r.o.,

Cetelem ČR, a.s.

• Partners:

Gorenje spol. s R.O.


• Media Partners:

Czech Television

Daily Mladá fronta Dnes


The company E.ON:

E.ON CZ is part of the E.ON SE Group, the largest investor-owned energy utilities in Europe, which provides about 15 million customers with electricity and gas. E.ON CZ supplies in South Bohemia and Moravia  electricity to 1.2 million customers and has a market share of approximately 20%. As regards gas E.ON CZ has over 4,000 km of gas pipelines and a Czech market share of approximately 7.5%.