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2013-10-09 00:00:00 / National Awards

ENERGY GLOBE Award Czech Republic

Hotel-Winery Galant wins “Eco-Oscar”

The winner of this year’s E.ON Energy Globe Award Czech Republic competition is Hotel-Winery Galant’s project to reduce its energy burden. The project’s author demonstrated that greenhouse gases needn’t always be a waste product or burdensome on the environment. They can be used to produce wine as well as in the hotel’s wellness facility. "Conserving energy and reducing consumption have been my hobby since childhood. I’m grateful for this award and I hope it will inspire many others," said hotel owner Jiří Marian.

The original boiler room in the hotel complex was replaced by three cogeneration units and six heat pumps that efficiently convert energy capacity to cold or heat as needed by the winery and the hotel. Excess heat generated by wine fermentation is used to heat water; excess cold production is used for refrigeration and freezers. In addition, heat from the hotel and wellness center’s wastewater is extracted by heat pumps and reused. Carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is created during wine fermentation, but instead of releasing it into the atmosphere, it is reused in other wine production processes and for bubble baths in the wellness center.

The overall winner of this year's E.ON Energy Globe Award competition was chosen by viewers on October 7, 2013 in Prague’s Vinohrady Theatre from the winners of the four competition categories as selected by an expert jury. In the “Handyman” category, the winner was the active energy home designed by architect Jan Řežáb in Plzeň - Bolevec. The town of Kněžice won the “Town” category; the “Company” category was won by Hotel-Winery Galant’s energy reduction project, and in the “Youth” category, the technology kindergarten ENERGIS 24 project, presented by Radovan Šejvl, was the winner.

A special prize was awarded for the most likeable project, which was decided by the general public via the Internet and SMS voting. Voting also took place on This special prize was awarded to the town of Soběslav for its project to rescue and reconstruct the local castle. A glass frame was set into the bowels of the historic structure, which now serves as the town library. The prize for most likeable project is a three-year loan of a BMW i3 with a BMW Wallbox charging station, donated by the competition's general partner BMW Group Czech Republic. "We'll use the electric BMW i3 for business trips. I'll gladly give a ride to everyone who contributed to this project," said Soběslav's mayor, Ing. Jindřich Bláha.

A total of 217 companies, towns, schools and individuals entered the "Eco-Oscars" competition, one of the highest participation rates in its history.

The E.ON Energy Globe Award Czech Republic competition is the largest competition in the country focused on energy conservation and improving environmental quality. The winner receives CZK 300,000 from E.ON and moves on to the finals of the Energy Globe World Award, where they will compete against the national winners from 161 countries.

Through its organization of the “Eco-Oscars” in the Czech Republic, E.ON seeks to raise awareness of the need to conserve energy and to encourage institutions and individuals to contribute to this global challenge with their projects. New this year to the E.ON Energy Globe Award is a special category – “Idea” - which is not for projects that have already been completed, but rather ideas that have yet to be implemented. In this category, contestants can submit their projects by the end of 2013.

This year’s Eco-Oscars, hosted by Aleš Háma at the Vinohrady Theater and featuring many well-known personalities from the Czech music scene, will be broadcast on Czech Television on October 19, 2013 at 9:45 p.m.

The initiator of the competition is the power company E.ON. All other necessary information regarding the projects in the competition as well as the event itself can be found at:

General partner: BMW Group Czech Republic
Competition partners are Vaillant Group Czech, s.r.o., CETELEM ČR, a.s., GORENJE spol. s r.o., ISOline EU, s.r.o., MADETA a.s., Unie malých a středních podniků ČR, o.s., Království železnic, a.s., Sdružení TEREZA, and the Czech-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
TV partner: Czech Television
Media partners: MF Dnes,, Č

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