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2012-10-04 00:00:00 / National Awards

ENERGY GLOBE Award Czech Republic

Ecological Building for Extreme Conditions Absolute Winner of 2012 E.ON ENERGY GLOBE Award Czech Republic

The E.ON ENERGY GLOBE Award Czech Republic competition, which is often also referred to as the “Environmental Oscars”, has announced the winners in all seven competition categories. During the awards ceremony at Prague’s SaSaZu club, the patrons of the various competition categories presented the awards to the winners. This year as well, energy saving projects vied to win in the seven categories: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Youth, Municipality and Handyman. The absolute winner was decided by the public via on-line voting and by the audience during the finals evening. Absolute primacy this year belongs to Bohumil Lhota with his unique rotating house.

The ecological building for extreme conditions, which also won the Handyman category, is a world rarity. It is a rotating house standing in the middle of a huge round pool embedded in the concrete foundations of the house. Thanks to an ingenious mechanism, it is possible to turn the rooms of the house to face all points of the compass. Bohumil Lhota’s house thus literally turns to face the sun. Furthermore, it is possible to hide the building up to two metres below ground level, so the inhabitants do not need to worry about frost in the winter. Water heated by solar panels on the roof fill the mentioned pool.

The absolute winner of this year finals of the “Environmental Oscars” received a CNG-operated ŠKODA Citigo passenger car from ŠKODA AUTO – Česká republika, the general partner of the awards, and a small CNG Compact MJO5 filter from MOTOR JIKOV Group. Unique among the prizes was a washing machine that can recognise an advantageously low power tariff and can turn on at such time. This washing machine, which bears the name Gorenje, powered by E.ON W01 EON/LT, was developed through a partnership between energy company E.ON and GORENJE spol. s.r.o. and saw the light of day during the awards ceremony.

The winners of the other categories received a year’s use of the ŠKODA Citigo passenger car running on compressed natural gas (CNG) from ŠKODA AUTO – Česká republika, the general partner, and other very interesting prizes from the other partners of the E.ON ENERGY GLOBE Award Czech Republic competition. The best project this year will also take part in the world finals of the competition, which focuses on energy savings and environmental protection.

This year, 165 competitors submitted projects in the seven categories of the competition. Thanks to the competition, the public is becoming ever more aware that each of us can do a lot to improve the quality of the environment. The primary mission of this competition is national and international promotion of energy saving projects.

The Eco Energy Prize, which is part of the E.ON ENERGY GLOBE Award competition for the best energy saving projects, was also awarded during the evening. Naturally, the reason behind this prize is promotion of an active approach to environmental protection.
In compliance with its long-term strategy of promoting ecology and energy efficiency, E.ON has decided to honour one of the projects from the Youth category, specifically the project submitted by the Secondary School of Business and Services in Jihlava – Utilisation of Paper Waste – which was shortlisted in this year’s E.ON ENERGY GLOBE Award Czech Republic. The project, which received the most votes from the general public, will receive CZK 298 041. This amount is calculated from the amount of environmental friendly electricity sold to E.ON Energie, a.s. household customers (EkoElektřina product line) and corporate customers (EkoStandardPower product line).