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2012-06-15 00:00:00 / National Awards

ENERGY GLOBE's Best Practice Week: A Huge Success

The ENERGY GLOBE activity on U.N. World Environment Day under the patronage of UNESCO and in cooperation with UNIDO and UNEP successfully demonstrated how every individual can help save or even generate energy on an individual level.

"People don't just want to talk, they also want to do something - they want to act", project initiator Wolfgang Neumann says. And the results from actions based on this online project that started on World Environment Day were truly incredible:

The ENERGY GLOBE online portal, where, among other things, nearly 6,000 sustainable projects from 151 different countries were presented, provided tools for users to check their own energy saving options. At the same time, total energy saving potentials were added up on a global energy meter.

After only one week, the amount of energy saving potential was at 2.2 billion kilowatt hours corresponding to an improvement of nearly 20% by 450,000 European households.

Particularly in emerging countries, where approximately 3.6 billion people have no access to energy, the main problem is energy generation. Here, ENERGY GLOBE offered assistance by providing a special tool with charts for average solar radiation for all the countries of the world.

This way, users were able to check solar energy generation capabilities related to their individual circumstances and needs, such as for lighting, refrigeration, or even only their radio. The total amount of potential energy options also beat all records: 1.45 billion kilowatt hours - an amount that would provide power for 2.5 million households in emerging countries.

Wolfgang Neumann feels that there are two worlds - the one of Western industrial countries, where 50% of energy could be saved without any loss to comfort or productivity, and the world where energy as the basis for livelihood, education and training are lacking for 60% of the population.

The solution to this problem was provided through ENERGY GLOBE's best practice activity entitled "Sustainable Energy for All", where a meeting was held in New York City and highly constructive talks took place between representatives from UNDP and ENERGY GLOBE. Please see the attached photo (ENERGY GLOBE). From left to right: Professor Eduard Ayensu (Vice President, ENERGY GLOBE Foundation), Khalid Malik (Director, Human Development Report Office, UNDP), and Wolfgang Neumann (Initiator, ENERGY GLOBE).

Global Best Practice Week was also the launch for new ENERGY GLOBE Award submissions! We are again looking forward to receiving a great number of innovative and sustainable project submissions. Anyone can participate!

If everyone does what is right and good, then we don't have to worry about the future of energy.

We would like to thank all our partners and supporters, who have helped make this activity such a great success.