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2010-10-08 00:00:00 / National Awards

Plum-pit heating system wins Czech ENERGY GLOBE Award

Environmental initiative from Austria conquers Czechia

High-ranking guests, roaring applause and unique environmental projects: That was yesterday’s ENERGY GLOBE Gala in the Czech city of Brno. For the second time, the national ENERGY GLOBE for Czechia was awarded in the realm of a breathtaking TV gala. The Czech Republic’s Minister of Environment Pavel Drobil, one of the award presenters, was enthusiastic: “Such initiatives are very valuable for Czechia. They demonstrate the possibilities that are already available today.” Other award presenters included Michael Fehn, CEO of E.ON Czechia, and Wolfgang Neumann, the Austrian founder of the ENERGY GLOBE.

Atmosphere was provided at the Gala and at the subsequent after-show party by national greats such as Nightwork, Aneta Langerová, Dan Bárta a Tap Tap and Hradišťan as well as a spectacular Fire Show by Palitchi.

However, the focus of the event was on environmental projects that were honored in the categories Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Youth, Community and Do-It-Yourself. The audience chose the overall winner from the winners of each category. The honorary prize was awarded to the “Plum Pit Heating” project of Zdeněk Halík of South Moravia; he had won in the category Earth. Halík operates a small distillery and utilizes the waste plum pits for heating his single-family home.

Winners of the other categories:

  • The Water award went to the water provider company of the Energie AG Group; for every cubic meter of drinking water sold in Czechia, they donate one heller of their profits to support drinking water wells in the Congo, an important initiative in a country where 1 in 10 children dies of illness resulting from polluted water.
  • In the category Fire, the energy-saving project of the National Theater of Prague, which annually saves energy on a scale of millions of Czech crowns, led the field.  Significant elements include its efficient regulation and its optimized utilization of waste energy.
  • In the category Air, the award went to the company Narex Bystřice u Benešova. Through a change in work organization at its hardening furnace (3-shift operation) and the active utilization of the work force, energy efficiency was significantly improved – without any investment in new technology.
  • The project by the city of Pilsen won in the category Community. The project supports education, training and energy management in elementary school buildings.
  • The ENERGY GLOBE in the category Youth went to pupils of the elementary school Kamenická in Děčín for their activities regarding waste separation.
  • The Do-It-Yourself award was presented for development of the Trombe wall for the construction of a family home. This wall is a combination of a collector and storage unit for passive utilization of solar energy.

Press photo (JPG, 1012 kB): Overall winner Zdeněk Halík (center) with the award presenters Wolfgang Neumann (ENERGY GLOBE initiator, left) and Michael Fehn (CEO of E.ON Czechia, right)