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2013-09-30 00:00:00 / World Award

Submission Deadline Extended Due to Overwhelming Response

New Closing Date for Participation Is 14 October 2013

Our recent call for project submissions to the Energy Globe Award 2014 has met with tremendous enthusiasm! The electronic and postal mailboxes at the Energy Globe headquarters are filled every day with new submissions from around the world. The response has been truly overwhelming! There have also been frequent requests for an extension of the submission deadline, so we decided to move it to 14 October 2013.

Every year an almost unbelievable number of around 1,000 top-notch sustainable projects compete for the Energy Globe Award. “We will be able to reach this number again this year; our award is an internationally coveted hallmark of sustainability and our Energy Globe winners enjoy global media attention,” Energy Globe founder, Ing. Wolfgang Neumann, is convinced. A total of 161 countries have participated in the Energy Globe Awards to date, making it the world’s largest platform for ecological projects.

A preliminary survey of the projects received thus far shows that they are innovative, colourful and global. Some insightful trends have emerged: Africa is leading in off-grid solar systems and biogas generation. In Asia, biogas, waste disposal, and water treatment are major themes. Europe and the US excel in the high-tech field, with projects focussing on energy efficiency and alternative energy generation. Austria and Germany are leading in terms of the number of submissions received from Europe.

The broad range of innovations found in the submissions is best illustrated by some examples: In Japan, an otherwise worthless coconut waste is used to purify drinking water. A project from the Netherlands introduces a mobile stage that generates electricity with every step. An inventor from Uzbekistan uses a mobile cover to shield parked cars from the heat, thus reducing the use of air conditioning and petrol consumption. Germany shows how corn ears can be employed to fight mole invasions in an ecological way. In Great Britain, coffee grounds are used to obtain energy – by turning them into biomass pellets and biodiesel. In Surabaya in Indonesia, an innovative waste recycling and composting system helps combat the city’s mounting waste problem, creates jobs and income for the poorest, supplies fertiliser to farms, and cuts carbon dioxide emissions. An agrarian “product bank” in South Sudan supplies machinery, food and seeds on credit, combined with training programmes in sustainable agriculture for young people. More exciting projects come from countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Israel, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and many others.

Eligible for participation are projects that contribute to making our lives more sustainable by focussing on energy efficiency, use of renewable energies, or resource conservation.

Every project counts and no project is too big or too small!

All details on how to participate in the Energy Globe Award can be found at