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2011-06-27 00:00:00 / World Award

Energy Globe in mourning for „Columbo“ Peter Falk – Award Presenter in 2003

Peter Michael Falk, best known all over the world for his role as the crusty L.A. detective was not only an outstanding and celebrated actor but also raised a critical voice for the environment.

He was one of the most prominent supporters of Energy Globe, one of  todays most prestigious environmental awards, with focus on awareness building in terms of environmental protection and energy efficiency. In 2003 Falk was award presenter at the annual Energy Globe Award presentation ceremony. While honoring a winning project he appealed to the public to stop destroying our planet, saying „is it not amazing? We have landed on the moon but we do not know how to protect our environment and our planet – we have to stop that nonsense“.

We miss our committed supporter and friend Peter Falk!