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2010-04-29 00:00:00 / World Award

Energy Globe will open UN World Environment Day 2010 in Rwanda

Supported by the United Nations

The Energy Globe World Awards in the Plenary Hall of the European Parliament have been absolute highlights for the Energy Globe at the European level. Now the world’s most prominent environmental award is on the threshold of a global milestone: On 3 June 2010 the Energy Globe Award and its international Energy Globe TV Gala will open this year’s UN World Environment Day in Rwanda under the auspices of UNEP. “I am proud of this invitation and see it as major recognition for the Energy Globe, which last year celebrated its 10th anniversary,” Energy Globe founder Wolfgang Neumann justifiably proclaimed.

For Neumann this opening event in Rwanda highlights his 25 years of commitment to building awareness about energy efficiency and environmental protection. UN World Environment Day is the world’s largest environmental campaign, with participation by 150 nations. This global aspect is also underscored by the Energy Globe projects submitted from 105 nations; they show how to reasonably and efficiently use our resources in harmony with the motto of this year’s World Environment Day: Many species. One planet. One future.

From all continents, high-ranking representatives and the nominees for Energy Globe awards will travel to Rwanda to represent nations such as USA, Taiwan, Sweden, Norway, Bangladesh, Nepal, Micronesia, Madagascar, Pakistan, India, Argentina, Morocco, Germany, Slovenia and Austria. In 52 minutes of highlights broadcast worldwide, the Gala will be moderated by the charming and internationally known ambassador of the Energy Globe, Désirée Nosbusch. The broadcast will feature projects, the winners, the nation of Rwanda, and the activities of the UN to protect the environment and promote World Environment Day.

World Environment Day was initiated in 1972 by the UN and is held each year on 5 June in a different host nation. Rwanda was selected for 2010 because the east African nation sets an international example regarding environment.

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