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2008-05-27 00:00:00 / World Award

Interview with Aamir Khan

Bollywood-star and ENERGY GLOBE laudator says he wants to rise awareness of the need to act with rather than aganist nature

Q: In the context of climate change, what can you tell us about India and its growing energy needs?

I'm not a politician; I have some creative ideas about it. I do not feel any different from the earth, I feel part of it. The earth is 80% water, like a body. In India we have this philosophy of three gods: Brahma, the god of creation, Vishnu, the god of sustenance and Shiva, god of destruction. We believe that everything that exists goes through these 3 stages. We are the level above the earth because we are the only creatures on earth who are acting against nature. When it is hot, we put air conditioning on, when it is cold we put the heating on, we are driving miles in few hours to be able to conquer distances. We control the earth. So, we are doing everything against what is natural in nature.

Q: So you think destruction cannot be avoided?

For me destruction is a natural process, as natural as birth is. It's time to look back and ask ourselves: what do we do? What we think we have to do is find new sources of energy - but this only means we are going to go faster, not really to go back. There are ways to slow down - to respect life.

We are wasting resources and that is a shame. Saving resources should be the number one step. We have to make sure that people across the globe have the basic necessities. For example, if we have water, we should use it well and what I can't use I should share.

Q: What do you do personally to combat climate change?

(Laughs) Not enough. I try to save as much water as I can, try not to waste electricity and try not to waste paper. Most of us living in big cities got accustomed to a certain lifestyle. I would strongly recommend stopping using cell phones and video recorders. We can delay climate change; we can respect what we have.

Most of us in India are trying to be progressive - as we understand it. My question is what is progress? All the things we call progress have actually resulted in huge destruction of the Earth - airplanes, electricity, cell-phones and the big factories - to make our life easier.

Source: European Parliament Press release