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2008-05-14 00:00:00 / World Award

Showcasing energy efficiency ideas

The solution in the battle against climate change is greater energy efficiency. The ENERGY GLOBE in the category Fire promotes energy efficiency and alternative energy sources.

Each year each citizen of the EU consumes energy on a scale of six tons of coal and thereby releases 11 tons of the greenhouse gas CO2. Worldwide this amounts to 15 billion tons of coal, the equivalent almost 120 million GWh, and the tendency is rapidly rising consumption. Alternative energy sources reduce the demand for fossil fuel (oil, natural gas, coal) and thus help to stabilize the CO2 content of the atmosphere and to reduce the greenhouse effect. Three such projects have survived the eliminations for the ENERGY GLOBE Award in the category Fire.

 Showcasing energy efficiency ideas

Top projects from Austria, Spain and the Philippines
The University of Innsbruck developed the DEMON® controls, a highly innovative control system that enables a water treatment plant to produce 8% more electricity annually than it consumes. The technical wonder has withstood field testing and has converted a water treatment plant for 31 communities in Tyrol to a true micro-power plant.

Solar Millennium AG of Spain has vested in power from the sun. The company’s powerful parabolic trough plants provide 200,000 people with clean energy. Through heat accumulators, the power plants are capable of delivering reliable electricity even at night, which opens new perspectives for solar power generation.

A Philippine project with chances to win the award in the category Fire is working on a smaller scale: Micro-hydroelectric power provides rural communities with renewable energy and simultaneously solves problems of drinking water and irrigation.

Who will finally take home the ENERGY GLOBE will be decided at the grandiose TV gala on May 26 in the EU Parliament in Brussels.

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