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2008-05-02 00:00:00 / World Award

Competing for the award in the category Air

In the category Air, projects from Sweden, Bangladesh and Austria are contending for the ENERGY GLOBE Award

On May 26 in the Plenary Hall of the European Parliament, the ENERGY GLOBES will be awarded with the participation of elite personalities from the world of government. The 15 best of over 800 project submissions will vie for the environmental prize in Brussels, which is presented in five categories: Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Youth.

A (nearly completely) energy autonomous enterprise from Austria

Austria can be proud that two of the nominees for the ENERGY GLOBE are from the Alpine republic. The Demon® water treatment & power plant is contending for the Fire award, while Fronius has good chances for the award in Air. A company with 650 employees, Fronius meets 90% of its energy requirements for its site in Upper Austria with photovoltaic current and biomass. This solar power moves its on-site fleet of vehicles; the required hydrogen for fuel cells is generated emission-free locally via electrolysis.

Clean vehicles in Stockholm

The initiative “Clean City of Stockholm” has also been nominated in the category Air. Within ten years the city achieved a market breakthrough for clean vehicles: 35,000 autos in Stockholm run with biofuels or hybrid drives or very low emission levels. Furthermore 60% of the city’s fleet, 100% of city busses, 40% of trash collection vehicles and 20% of purchased private autos are clean, and 60% of fueling stations offer ethanol and/or biogas.

Renewable energy for rural Bangladesh

The third contender for the award in the category Air is an impressive project: Grameen Shakti, one of the world’s leading providers of renewable energy of renewable energy in rural areas, has installed 100,000 solar home systems, 1300 biogas plants and 2000 improved cookers in Bangladesh. The project combines micro-credits with effective after-sales service and simple application procedures. In 20 technology centers, the project trains local technicians and so contributes an income source in rural areas. By 2015 the project seeks to achieve one million solar home systems and 500 technology centers.

Outcome is open

Which of the nominees will finally win the coveted Award remains open. The winners in each of the five categories Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Youth will be announced on stage. Empathizers around the world will keep their fingers crossed for their favorites as important television stations worldwide broadcast the spectacular ENERGY GLOBE Gala from the EU Parliament to billions of households.

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