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2009-03-24 00:00:00 / World Award

More than 30 environmental ministers at the Award

EU Council President Mirek Topolanék
at last year´s ENERGY GLOBE Award in

The world’s best environmental projects glamorously presented to international politicians and top-experts

The ENERGY GLOBE Award has ultimately established itself as the most prominent environmental award worldwide. After the awards ceremony was conducted the last two years in the EU Parliament in Brussels, its venue this year is the high-caliber meeting of the European elite of environmental policy: At the request of the Czech EU presidency, the ENERGY GLOBE Gala will serve as the opening of the meeting of the European environmental ministers in Prague.

Among the guests at the honoring of the global best environmental projects will be EU Council President Mirek Topolánek, President of the Council of Environmental Ministers Martin Bursík, and naturally Europe’s top environmental policy makers. The climate advisor to US President Barack Obama, Carol Browner, is expected as representative of the new US environmental policy. Among the prominent award presenters is EU Commissioner Stavros Dimas. The glamour factor for the TV gala will be provided by international show stars and artists. It has already been announced that French singer Viktor Lazlo will attend and contribute musically to the mood of the after-show party.

Prominent environmental achievements from over 100 nations

The actual stars of the TV gala, however, are the environmental projects from all over the world. For excellent achievements from more than 100 nations, the national ENERGY GLOBE awards will be presented in Prague. From the 15 nominated projects, an international jury selects the global awards in the categories Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth. The World Award is chosen by the gala audience live at the event. Who will receive the ENERGY GLOBE awards? The decision will fall on 14 April at the ENERGY GLOBE Gala in the realm of the European meeting of environmental ministers in Prague.

NATIONAL ENERGY GLOBE winners from all over the world in the spotlight

On the day before the grand gala - the evening of April 13 - another splendid ceremony takes place to honor project winners from all over the world for their outstanding sustainable activities with the NATIONAL ENERGY GLOBE Awards. During the 2 hour ceremony project by project will be introduced and winners receive their ENERGY GLOBE certificates from members of the Czech government and other high ranking representatives from environmental organizations.

Program National Awards (PDF, 278 kB)

Program ENERGY GLOBE World Awards (PDF, 627 kB)