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2012-04-18 00:00:00 / Best Practice Projects

Project presentation - "Waste to energy"

Modular low-tech biogas plant from hotel to industry size in developing countries

The TN P/2 biogas system is a 2-stage bio digester for solid bio waste. The development of the system started in July 2007 based on a one stage Chinese standard system for agriculture waste with few solid components (pig and cow-manure).

Jua Nguvu Ltd added a pre-digestion system (hydrolysis, stage 1) to the standard system in order to reduce the solid bio waste into fatty acids. This liquid is fed several times a day into the digester where the biogas is produced (stage 2).

In August 2007 Jua Nguvu installed this system with a 12m3 digester in a middle size restaurant in Mombasa and put it into production with daily about 80 kg of kitchen waste producing 5 - 7 m3 biogas per day. The produced biogas substitutes liquid pressurized gas (LPG) in the restaurant kitchen and the private households of the site.

Since nearly 3 years the system is running and the return on investment was shorter than 1 year. In the meantime the TN P/2-system was installed in a 5 star hotel with 300 rooms to substitute the charcoal in the staff canteen with the waste from the hotel kitchen (250 kg daily). Other small TN P/2 plants were built elsewhere.

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