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2012-04-04 00:00:00 / Best Practice Projects

Project presentation - "One Child - One Solarlight"

A project in Ghana to bring light to people who live in darkness

Electricity is a scarce commodity in Africa. The whole continent spends not more electricity than New York. At night the villages are dark. The only source of light for many children – while they do their homework – is kerosene light, which is expensive, unhealthy and smells. The sun, however, is clean and for free!

The nonprofit organization Solux started the model project „One child, one solar light“ in Ghana to bring light to people who live in darkness. The goal was to supply solar lights to children and their families in off‐grid regions.

The company Solar4Ghana Ltd. was founded to inform children, parents and teachers about the advantages of solar lights. Solux also provides micro credits, so that solar light is affordable to anyone. After one year of the project:

  • More than six persons profit from a single solar light.
  • The quality of life of 35,000 people has been significantly improved via solar lamps.
  • 100% of the users recommend Solux solar lights.
  •  This model project is transferable to and reproducible in other countries.

More information: