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2012-03-21 00:00:00 / Best Practice Projects

Project presentation "Water for everybody"

Integrated water resource management - WARM, Nepal

Access to water is a human right! This is the aim of the project WARM (Water Resource Management). It supports local authorities in distributing the available water resources in their municipalities with social justice, economic efficiency and optimal utilization in mind – to all Nepalese regardless of their status in society.

Overall water utilization plans are created, specific small projects regarding water and residential hygiene are supported, and the competencies of municipal authorities, service providers and organizations are promoted via training. The core of the project is sustainable handling of water resources. Improved understanding of hygiene contributes to improving the health situation in villages.

The education of small enterprises toward latrine and well construction creates jobs and income. The approach of the project is „help to self-organization“: individuals become small entrepreneurs, plumbers or well managers.

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