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2012-03-14 00:00:00 / Best Practice Projects

Project presentation - "Smallholders' Farmers Rural Radio"

Farmers help other farmers - via radio

In rural Nigeria 70% of the people are small farmers, there is massive poverty, people cannot read and write. The only way to fight against this poverty is to tackle the degeneration in agriculture. What they need is information.

And so in 2007 Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu had an idea: he developed the Smallholders Farmers Rural Radio which is unique in the world: it is a two-way radio system, so listeners can send feedback, a voice mail, to the radio station, through a simple solar-powered device. Thousands of listeners themselves want to make an input, sharing their own knowledge. Farmers can exchange their experience and knowledge.

The information is collected and broadcast again. The daily  program is broadcast in the local Igbo language and enables farmers acquire sustainable agricultural and environmental management technics, receive daily market information, advertise their farming products,  to get information about (inter)national commodity prices,  information why prizes change, etc.

The farmers utilize the information to decide what to produce when, how and for whom. Through the support of UNESCO the radio reaches already 250000 listeners. The dream of Nnaemeka: soon broadcast to all small farmers in Nigeria.

Find more information here: