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2011-08-05 00:00:00 / Best Practice Projects

Project presentation - "Eco-Generation"

The project „Ustanova Ekosola kot nacin zivljenja“ enables children in the school center Velnje to explore how energy saving works and serves as a prototype for Slovenia.

One of the greatest challenges for the future is to consciously and sustainably conserve Earth’s resources.

This means that the foundations of environmental protection and energy awareness must be achieved in school. In the Slovenian school center Velnje, energy has been in the curriculum for the last ten years.

Renewable energy systems, energy efficiency and environmental awareness are aimed to reduce energy consumption sustainably by 10 - 15%. The project “Ekošola kot način življenja” (Eco-School as a way of life) is led by Professor Nada Pavser, who is fully committed to environmental protection: “Nature does not have a problem; people have a problem. Nature is always right,” she emphasizes.

What is special in Velnje is that pupils can personally experience how to save energy. Various structural and technical modifications yielded additional savings.

The successful concept is to be transferred to other schools and training centers in Slovenia. An eco-generation bears the hope of the future.