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2011-07-22 00:00:00 / Best Practice Projects

Project presentation - "Clean water for a healthy life"

Aga Khan Planning and Building Service delivers extensive water supply systems and hygiene training to Pakistani villages.

Millions of people in developing countries suffer from poverty. They also have to contend with water that makes them ill and with hygiene problems. Nearly half of all deaths are due to impure drinking water.

WASEP, a project of the Pakistani organization Aga Khan Planning and Building, seeks to grasp this problem at its roots. Hafiz Sherali, the head of the organization, pursues the motto “Solutions for today‘s world have to be local, sustainable, cost-effective and participatory to be successful“. Therefore in remote mountain communities of Pakistan WASEP establishes an environmentally friendly and efficient supply of clean drinking water. Due to a simple supply system based on gravity, the cost of clean water remains low and everyone can afford it. In addition, WASEP is building sanitary facilities and sewage treatment plants and is providing hygiene courses for the population.

To date, 207 villages have access to clean drinking water, 10,200 latrines have been installed and over 6000 training sessions on hygiene have been conducted. The success is respectable: The rate of illnesses transferred by impure water dropped by some 60%. Clean water makes for satisfied people.

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