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2011-07-01 00:00:00 / Best Practice Projects

Project presentation - "Seeds of hope"

The seed program of Flora Marketing affords a new source of income for island inhabitants and ensures biodiversity while combating massive deforestation.

Felled trees, bare land: Large areas of Mauritius have been recklessly deforested. 83% of the forests were cleared in the last 30 years, primarily for the purpose of cooking fuel.

On a visit to Madagascar in 1994, Vinah Ganoo discovered the beauty of nature and its rich biological heritage. Simultaneously she was deeply moved by the desperation and hopelessness of the poor population. According to the principle of “Think and act”, she founded Flora Marketing with the goal of fighting poverty and promoting reforestation.

Today some 2500 farmers in 500 villages work for Flora Marketing: They produce and sell seeds and thereby earn more than previously with deforestation. Meanwhile more than 500 plant species are exported. Vinah Ganoo is pleased at the success of her initiative: “My satisfaction is having planted more than 100 million plants in more than 45 countries.“ New jobs, income for whole families, and more green space on our planet make for a successful project.

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