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2011-06-17 00:00:00 / Best Practice Projects

Project presentation - "Greener autos"

Less CO2 emissions via more efficient engines was the inspiration of Epoch Energy Technology Corp. Their Hybrid Fuel System can be retrofitted to any engine and produces a hydrogen/ oxygen mix as additional fuel.

Six billion tons is a stunning quantity. That is how much CO2 is produced annually by all means of transportation worldwide. Two years ago Jacky Lin decided to do something about it. He wanted to reduce fuel consumption and to counter the high price of oil. The result of his pondering is the EP-C100 Hybrid Fuel System of the Taiwanese company Epoch Energy Technology.

During operation an oxygen/hydrogen mixture is generated by electrolysis. This enters the engine along with the normal fuel. A ten-liter water tank suffices for 1500 kilometers. The advantages are that there is less combustion residue, the engine works more efficiently, and fuel consumption and emissions are down by 20%. Worldwide application would mean a savings potential of hundreds of millions of tons of CO2.

 “The most difficult task is in coming up with a system that is flexible enough to work with the tremendous variety of engine sizes, configurations and manufacturers,” recalls Jacky Lin regarding the challenges in developing the hybrid fuel system. The system can be retrofitted in older trucks, buses, autos and recently even in motorcycles. The system has already been tested in public transportation systems in Taiwan and China. Worldwide marketing is already underway. The win/win situation yields energy efficiency and lower emissions.

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