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2011-05-20 00:00:00 / Best Practice Projects

Project presentatin - "Energy Maisonette"

Urban Maisonette refurbished to Power Station

The desire to have an attic conversion serve as an apartment was hindered by the drawback of its poor thermal standard – too hot in the summer (air conditioners consume power) and too cold in the winter.

The Söllinger family proved the feasibility to everyone: a do-it-yourself low-energy renovation with the help of the relatives incorporated passive house windows and doors, controlled ventilation for better air quality and ultramodern vacuum insulation.

The project proved convincing and contagious, as meanwhile all 25 condominiums on their street have since renewed their insulation and windows. The Söllingers’ photovoltaic system provides a small power plant on the roof. Their vision for the future is their own wind turbine.