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2011-05-16 00:00:00 / Best Practice Projects

Project presentation - "River from Sky"

2010's ENERGY GLOBE Award World Winner comes from India

With only 45 days of rain annually, Rajasthan (northwest India, 56 million residents) is the most arid region of India. In 2003 "Sustainable Innovations", a non-profit organization, initiated the development of the water project "Aakash Gangaist" (translated "river from sky").

The principle is simple: Rainwater is collected from roofs in drains and accumulated in subterranean networked tank system. The success strategy for implementing the project is to focus on long-range economic viability via public/private partnerships (PPP). The system has already been installed in six Indian villages to serve some 10,000 residents.

The government of Rajasthan has now signed a document of intent that provides for extending the project to 70 villages and 250,000 people. The costs of water per liter amount to $0.002 (based on a lifetime of 25 years). By comparison, the price of water from drilled wells comes to $0.04/liter. Additional pilot projects like this are planned for China already.

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