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2011-05-12 00:00:00 / Best Practice Projects

Project presentation - "Winery at monastery"

Carbon-neutral wine

The winery at the monastery in Klosterneuburg has analyzed all processes in the entire estate in order to know their impact on climate and environment and improve it. Now the climate protector pioneer "ClimatePartner" certified Klosterneuburg as the first winery in Austria as carbon neutral.

The carbon footprint of the winery and its various products has been computed in the realm of a study. This enabled an exact analysis of the status quo that served as the basis for a plan for reducing emissions. Then the monastery immediately began to implement measures that could be quickly realized.

Meanwhile for about a year climate-neutral wine is on the market and has attracted public interest. Aspects incorporated in the reduction of emissions include fuel and energy consumption in the company, use of coolants, water consumption waste water, business trips, commuting on the part of all employees, outsourcing, in-house use of paper and office supplies, use of production materials, etc.

Working close to nature reduces CO2 emissions, it also results in more rather unconventional solutions, such as the experimental attitude of chicken between the rows. They loosen the soil and take care of the weed control.

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