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The Energy Labeling Customized Automated Auxiliary Online market surveillance system

In Taiwan, the Energy Conservation Labelling program was introduced in 2001 and the mandatory Energy Efficiency Rating Labelling program was introduced in 2010. The aim was to guide Taiwanese manufacturers and importers to produce or import high energy efficiency products and encourage consumers to give preferential purchases to these.


Taiwan relies heavily on imported energy sources, especially on fossil fuels. When the Government implemented market surveillance at independent stores for regulated products, a large number of non-compliance products were found being sold on online platforms, resulting in misled consumers. This infringed the rights and interests of consumers and legal manufacturers and hindered the implementation of energy conservation policies and carbon reduction targets.


The Taiwanese government introduced the mandatory Energy Efficiency Rating Labelling and voluntary Energy Conservation Labelling system for household appliances to reduce energy consumption. ITRI, supported by Taiwanese government, conducted online market surveillance for the accuracy of Energy Efficiency Labelling product on official websites of the manufacturer/importer and e-commercial platforms. This system greatly improved the labelling compliance rate and protected the consumer’s interests and government’s energy policies’ credibility.


The automated auxiliary online market surveillance system selects targeted websites, analyses the structure and writes a web crawler program. It automatically captures product information on the e-commercial platforms and uses programming methods to save items according to the product classification. Character recognition technology is used for image and text comparison. After the comparison is completed, non-compliance products go through a final inspection and confirmation by staff to ensure the accuracy of the inspection.



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