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Air plasma technology uses air as primers to make shoes

The Taiwanese startup AP Plasma has developed an artificial intelligence-based low-temperature air plasma technology for use in automated surface bonding of shoe soles. Conventional toxic glue in the bonding process is replaced by the automated surface bonding technology, reducing the average time needed for making a pair of shoes from one minute to ten seconds. This production process contributes to the development of improved sustainable industrial production practices which save the environment.


Shoemaking is a labour intensive and highly polluting industry. This is because the traditional work processes of buffing, cleansing and glue-spraying require a lot of manpower, cause air pollution and pose solid waste problems as huge amounts of waste are sent to the landfills. Plasma technology is widely applied in surface treatment like plating and coating in plastic and textile industries, however, shoe manufacturers have realised lately that it could also be useful in the shoe manufacturing industry.


AP Plasma has put sustainability at the centre of its business philosophy, with its technology enabling the shoe manufacturing industry to implement eco-friendly manufacturing methods. For example, its air plasma technology uses air as a primer instead of the traditional adhesives such as glue. The use of air as a raw material in its production processes not only replaces chemical binders in the cementing process, but also eliminates both the buffing and cleansing process, thereby reducing the amount of electricity used.


It is the only mass production company worldwide that can officially provide this unique air-fitting equipment and technology. The use of traditional glues can be significantly reduced by using this new method. Especially for the shoe making industry with the largest potential, a new and fashionable environmental protection technology was created in order to facilitate the development of new products.


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