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Suderbyn Permaculture Ecovillage

The main aim of Suderbyn Permaculture Ecovillage’s project is to reach out to the wider society through its principles of sustainable and holistic living approach as a way of improving eco living. The village’s community of 25 activists from all over Europe built a prototype of society with a low ecological footprint characterised by a horizontal social structure and collective decision-making. The community depends on its own food and energy production cycle for social wellbeing of the community. The ecovillage is also composed of 5 ha of own land and 5 ha of leased forest used for experimenting with a group of diverse people.


Suderbyn is an international community of open-minded people from various countries and diverse cultures, located on the island Gotland in the middle of the Baltic Sea. All of its residents live to build the place and develop a socially knit community. The goal is to live in a way that creates a prosperous living environment while minimising the community’s environmental footprint. By creating Suderbyn Ecovillage, the project team enables people to live close to nature and achieve a more sustainable lifestyle while striving for self-sufficiency in food production and renewable energy.


Suderbyn is a relatively young project that started in May 2008 to create a permaculture ecovillage. The project aims to be a tool for change in the broader global society as far as eco living is concerned. Hence, Suderbyn is constantly involved in different projects on a regional, national, and international level that work towards transitioning communities through ecovillage inspired ideas. The project involves inter-regional support of development and dissemination of do-it-yourself technical solutions for off-grid renewable energy production. The project also addresses the energy sovereignty of local communities, households and the entire region.


Through this project, residents and environmental activists are always actively involved in helping to spread the information about the ecovillage to encourage more people to be part of it. Since the Suderbyn project is connected to a broader network of ecovillages and environmental projects, volunteers can discover alternative and diverse movement that focus on eco living too. The project team also participates in projects and events on a local level, thereby, giving the volunteers many possibilities for a range variety of experiences.


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