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With the Project:
Green Supply Chains

The Green Supply Chains project links local food producers with hotels and restaurants, bringing top-quality, tasty and environment-friendly local ingredients to the plates of diners around the city. The aim of the project is to increase the percentage of locally produced food and drinks in the hotels and restaurants in Ljubljana and its surroundings.


Modern tourists seek local, authentic and sustainable experiences. They appreciate locally grown ingredients and local recipes. To answer this increasing demand and to build a competitive advantage on locally grown food while showcasing awareness of the importance of local sourcing, creation of local jobs, reduction of carbon footprint and minimization of environmental pressures, Ljubljana wanted to increase the percentage of locally sourced food in Ljubljana hotels and restaurants.


The main intention of the project is to positively affect the living standard of local farmers and create conditions for their long-term operations, whereby quality and quantity of local food in hotels and restaurants will increase. The project has resulted in an increased satisfaction of visitors and brings them back to the city or turns them into destination's advocates.


Ljubljana managed to develop a system that simplifies the procedure of local food sourcing and brings benefits not only to local farmers but also the visitors of the city and ingredients used for meals in many hotels and restaurants. Ljubljana tourism started organizing face-to-face meetings and initiated a Locally Grown Food Exchange between suppliers like farmers and producers and buyers like hotels or restaurants. The aim of this exchange was to get to know the offer, meet each other in person and sign contract agreements.



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