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inteliLIGHT®-sustainable and smart street lighting for the city of Brasov

Brasov is one of the first European cities to manage all of its streetlights through an integrated remote lighting management system, thus also introducing the Smart City concept in Romania. As a touristic city, Brasov needed to improve the lighting service and increase the safety of tourists and residents through automatic lighting control. In addition, Smart City applications were installed using the same infrastructure (CCTV cameras, panic buttons, etc.), making it one of the safest cities in the region. The project started with programmable logic controller installations using inteliLIGHT, Flashnet’s smart street lighting solution. Later, the technology was upgraded to enable individual lamp control and a more cost and energy-effective operation, making use of inteliLIGHT’s communication technology flexibility.


Located in the central part of Romania, Brasov is the 7th largest city in the country. The long, troubled history of this old Medieval trading post enriched its culture and architecture, making it today one of the main touristic attractions in the region, preferred by most of the tourists visiting Romania. The quality of street lighting, especially in the old center, is considered critical for the city’s touristic output. Also, personal safety and environment issues are taken seriously by the municipality, visited annually by more than 1.000.000 tourists from all over the world. Moreover, situated between mountains, Brasov is renowned for being a green city. Therefore, the environment and sustainability are always at the heart of the municipality’s endeavors. So, when time came to modernize the city’s public lighting system, an energy-efficient, future-proof solution was a clear choice.


Remote on/off operation and gradual dimming of the city’s street lighting are the main features of inteliLIGHT, the street lighting management system to be deployed in Brasov. In addition, the system monitors 24/7 the grid’s key parameters, notifies of any malfunction or unauthorized energy consumption, and informs the maintenance teams directly about any grid current or predictable malfunctions, providing real-time accurate information. The deployment of inteliLIGHT has led to a 42% maintenance cost reduction and a 35% energy cost reduction. Moreover, the city has benefited from up to 80% of energy savings, along with reduced light and CO2 pollution levels.


For this project, the municipality of Brasov needed to improve the street lighting efficiency, but without changing the entire infrastructure. Therefore, the main project requirement was to control the existing infrastructure. Due to the significant energy losses known to exist in the grid, inteliLIGHT needed to assess the energy consumption within the lighting cabinet and automatically compare these figures with the sum of the individual lamp consumption. Besides the direct influence over the lighting system, it also functions as an integrated communication platform that greatly reduces the implementation costs of other smart city applications: sensors (environment, flooding, gunshot, etc.), surveillance cameras and security systems, electric vehicle chargers, traffic control systems, municipal WiFi and many more.



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