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Energy Efficiency in NEYA Lisboa Hotel

NEYA Lisboa Hotel is a sustainable hotel in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. The hotel is committed to large energy saving environmental efforts. Its energy efficiency strategy has successfully reduced energy consumption by 38% since 2014, which is well below the consumption recorded in hotels of the same kind. In addition, a reduction of 28% of carbon emissions from 2017 to 2018 was achieved.


An existing building was renovated for the construction of this hotel. The state of the environmental legislation in Portugal failed to meet the needs and difficulties of finding architectural solutions and sustainability management techniques in hotels. Unfortunately, NEYA Lisboa Hotel did not receive any technical or fiscal support from the state in implementing its measures, but nowadays it is a national example of sustainable hotel management.


To minimise its environmental impact of the activities, the hotel is curbing its carbon footprint by reducing its energy consumption. From the initial design and construction of the hotel, several measures have been implemented in order to increase energy efficiency. These include the use of renewable energy and the energy-efficient lighting technology, air conditioning and energy management, in combination with the constant training of the hotel staff concerning the importance of environmental protection and sustainable business practices.


The technologies applied during the construction of the hotel were the best ones available at that time, including a variable refrigerant volume air conditioning system with an innovative low-energy system. A centralised technical management and the best LED technology have been used. Furthermore, water is heated through solar panels and the regular monitoring of energy consumption ensures that the hotel maintains its sustainable business practices.


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