Water Fund for Lima and Callao - AQUAFONDO

With the Project:
Sowing water. For more and better water for Lima.

AQUAFONDO, through a process of awareness and knowing the limited resources of the C.C. of San Pedro de Casta, developed an attractive project proposal to promote investment and guarantee the financing of the Backus company. The aim was to reduce the number of people suffering from lack of water and at the same time, to raise awareness among various actors inviting them to join in contributing to the Agenda 2030.


In 2017, Lima suffered a severe water crisis that had been anticipated for the last decade. In April of that year, the "Coastal Child" phenomenon occurred, implying high rainfall in the upper part of the country's basins due to the warming of the waters of the Pacific Ocean. This resulted in intense rainfall in a short period of time and changed weather patterns. Now the rains begin at the end of December and culminate in February and are affected by natural disasters known as "Huaycos".


AQUAFONDO developed an attractive project proposal to promote investment and financing in order to guarantee water supply to face shortages. It was decided to start with the rehabilitation of the first 4 amunas with 4340 m in length that were in a state of abandonment and with a large part destroyed in 2017 from slides.


The project consists of a physical component with the recovery of 4340 meters of ancestral infrastructure, the installation of complementary structures, measurement and control instruments for hydrological monitoring. This practice captures and regulates the volume of water in the upper parts of the basins during the rainy season by conducting it through a channel to the infiltration zone for storage in the subsoil. This allows the creation of a natural barrier resilient to climate change and natural disasters.



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