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Reforestamos Mexico

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Young Forest Entrepreneur

Young forest entrepreneur is an initiative implemented by Reforestamos México. The project aims to improve forestry education, particularly in Latin America, complementing it with entrepreneurial skills for students to be capable of creating valuable projects by making sustainable use of the natural resources in forest protected areas. It has been running for 6 years with more than 7,000 young people from Latin America participating in various activities. Reforestamos México engages young students in forest engineering and related careers in workshops about self-esteem, leadership, teamwork, communication, and resilience skills.


In Latin America, there are 200 schools where the degree of a forestry engineer can be obtained. In these schools, it is required that the social and entrepreneurial skills that allow future forestry engineers to develop ventures with a vision of sustainability are integrated into technical training. Sadly, many of these institutions have come to the realisation that young people only have few options to work in this field after graduating from school. This leads the graduates to migrate to cities in search of employment, unaware of environmental entrepreneurial advantages that they could realise within their communities.


The project team works with forestry universities and communities to increase the number of entrepreneurs and promote an education that includes entrepreneurial skills. Each year, the Reforestamos México team, a group of entrepreneurship evaluators, and other forestry technicians choose the best proposals submitted by students from Latin America. These selected teams travel to Mexico City to present their proposal to a jury of businessmen and other stakeholders. This initiative has managed to boost the importance of undertaking in forests as a means to secure forests and generate well-being in communities


Reforestamos México encourages young people to generate entrepreneurial ideas with the potential of being incubated through the Young Forest Entrepreneur LatAm Contest and the Entrepreneurial Forestry Teacher's Network which have been integrated into the programme since the internationalisation of the contest. The project team focuses on working with young people from rural areas who generally do not have access to these types of programmes because entrepreneurship programmes are in general directed at students from urban areas. This entrepreneurial programme is boosting young talents, generating an ecosystem where ideas can be developed for real in Latin America.


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