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Democratize photovoltaic systems for self-consumption

Alma Solar distributes photovoltaic equipment in Europe at the most competitive price. Through their online shop, Alma Solar is democratizing photovoltaic systems by offering a range of high-quality solar products at a very low price. Their unique webshop software enables customers to determine the solar kit suitable for their buildings as well as the installation price just by one click. The company has also implemented a five-year risk insurance plan on unpredictable and sudden damage to the solar kit, thereby, re-assuring the clients of proper management and replacement of damaged products within the stipulated time.


Alma Solar faced a huge challenge with integrating an online solution for technical products to their distribution plan. The main problem was with educating people about how the online shop works and how the customer could utilise the self-service model. Initially, solar companies sold their products directly to electricity companies with little attention focused on consumer engagement as a way of encouraging them to partake in self- consumption of solar kits


In 2009, Alma Solar began the distribution and installation of the solar kits, however, the company realised that there was a need to reach a bigger market in Europe through an online shop. To those ends, the company requested their suppliers to grant them permission to list their various solar brands on Alma Solar's online shop, an idea accepted by many of the suppliers. The online shop translated into five languages to accommodate a diverse customer range from Europe. By 2014, the company had sold solar kits in 13 different countries with more countries expressing interest in purchasing the kuts. In 2019 the company successfully sold solar kits in 32 countries from Europe with the number set to increase in the coming years.


As the leading online supplier of solar kits, Alma Solar has been able to penetrate the European market enabling the company to sell the products to 32 countries in the region. Their online software can calculate the client’s energy-saving potential through the solar panels directly connected to people’s homes. In 2019, the company installed 9MW worth of solar panels with 70% of its solar project being distributed to the residential market in self-consumption. Again, in mid-2019, their installation zone covered more than 70% of France and 50% in Belgium.


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